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 Is it safe to do Para-sailing in Cancun?

Para-sailing is a fantastic activity which is becoming more and more popular on the beaches of Cancun. During your visit you will find a lot of people at the beach offering to do Para-sailing to the tourists, unfortunately not all of this vendors are regulated by the law in Cancun and some of them work "under the table". However a lot of people do Para-sailing every day and we must say the the chances of suffering an accident during this activity are almost 0. Your main concern when doing Para-sailing must be the wind, DO NOT do it wen the wind is blowing more than usual, other than that just take the time to check quickly the harness and..enjoy the ride! To get a quotation or further information about Para-sailing from an official company please click here.

Last viewed date: 16 August 2022 06:12:17
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